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Testicular cancer is a lot. And it can be harder without someone to talk to about it all. Sign up for a Nuts & Bolts testicular cancer guide, who'll 100% have your back.
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What's a Nuts & Bolts Guide?

A Nuts & Bolts Guide is:

  • a guy who's had testicular cancer before

  • a stand-up volunteer who's been trained by us

  • someone who knows how to listen and be supportive

Check out their profiles and see what they're about.

Keep in mind

Nuts & Bolts guides are awesome guys, but they aren't a substitute for your doctor or care team. So, keep in mind that guides:

  • do not make any decisions for you (like which treatment to have)

  • do not give you medical advice

  • do not act like your doctor

Otherwise, they've got you covered.

photo collage of men with testicular cancer

Why these guys became Guides

Personal stories from Nuts & Bolts guides

Hear from Ben

Ben was looking for ways to use his testicular cancer experience to give back to others. Listen to him chat about why becoming a guide was important to him.

Hear from Adam

"Just to be able to share that experience with someone understanding exactly what you went through, is really helpful." Listen to Adam share how he gives back to the community, by being a guide.


Want to be a Guide?

We’re looking for guys willing to lead the charge. You don’t have to be a doctor or therapist – just be you. You can make all the difference in another guy’s life, just by listening, sharing and being there for the tough times.

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