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What is Nuts & Bolts?

Proudly funded by Movember, Nuts & Bolts gives men (and their supporters) relevant and reliable tools for tackling testicular cancer.

Our focus

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer can flip your life upside down. Fast. We’re here to ease your uncertainty and help you make informed decisions from diagnosis, through treatment, and into life beyond.

Whether you need reliable information, have questions about what to do next, or want to hear from others who’ve been on the journey, we’ve got your back.

Breaking down the testicular cancer journey

What’s it like to have testicular cancer? While no two journeys are the same, there are some routine stops along the way. Take a look at what you can probably expect, and what health professionals you'll need to work with.

Our approach

Nuts & Bolts is for you, wherever you’re at in your testicular cancer journey. Our resources have been created with the help of guys who’ve experienced this thing firsthand. Who best to learn from than those who’ve been there before?

Our approach to creating tools that help you tackle testicular cancer are based on research, real-life stories and lots of testing.

We researched

We spoke to men, their supporters, and doctors from around the world. These findings set the scene for our tools and resources.

We learned

Diagnosis is tough. We heard that guys needed a lot of support at this time. But for many, life after surgery was also tough – they felt anxious, isolated and uneasy about what the future held. That’s why our tools are designed for men at all stages in the journey.

We developed and tested

We tested out a bunch of ideas before settling on Nuts & Bolts: the solution that resonated the most.

Our crew

Nuts & Bolts has been built and updated with input from:

  • Men who've survived testicular cancer

  • Doctors and experts in testicular cancer care

  • Movember’s Research Advisory Committee

  • Generous donations from MoBros and MoSisters. (You guys rock!)

  • The talented Nuts & Bolts team


Movember has been raising funds to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives since 2003. We're proud to have invested these funds into building Nuts & Bolts, especially for our testicular cancer community.

Research Advisory Committee

Advice and guidance were provided by an international panel of experts in testicular cancer.

Prof. Padraig Warde

Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Prof. Chris Sweeney

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA

Prof. Tom Powles

Barts and St Thomas Hospital, London, UK

Prof. Ian Olver

Sansom Institute, Adelaide, Australia

Mr. Ben Bowers

Patient Advocate; London, UK

Prof. Peter Albers

Dusseldorf University Hospital, Germany

Prof. Robert Huddart

Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK

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We’re always looking to improve and make Nuts & Bolts even better. If you’ve been through testicular cancer, your feedback will really help.

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