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Andreu B

I felt lonely and scared after diagnosis. Being with family was my lifesaver. (I speak Spanish, Galician, Catalan and English.)



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Surgery (Orchiectomy)
Andreu B's Story

When I was diagnosed and the doctor said I would need an urgent surgery I had just moved into a new city and I felt very lonely. My dad had died of cancer a few years before and I was scared as hell. I immediately called my mum and took a plane back home the day after. Being surrounded by loved ones was my lifesaver.

Cuando me diagnosticaron y el médico me dijo que necesitaría una cirugía de urgencia me acababa de mudar a una ciudad nueva y me sentí extremadamente solo. Mi padre había muerto de cáncer unos años antes y estaba muerto de miedo. Llamé inmediatamente a mi madre y volé de regreso a casa al día siguiente. Estar rodeado de mis seres queridos fue mi salvavidas.

I speak Spanish, Galician, Catalan and English.

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