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Anthony M


United States

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Surgery (Orchiectomy), Chemotherapy, RPLND
Anthony M's Story

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 22 years old and am currently 2 years cancer-free. My diagnosis was met with an immediate orchiectomy, followed by an RPLND, port placement surgery, and 5 months of EP chemotherapy. After a successful round of treatment, I am finally showing clean tumor markers and am actively adjusting to my new life after cancer, which definitely presented to be the greatest struggle to date. However, through every hurdle, was a marathon of runners by my side, some I knew and others I had just met on the hospital floor. The point is, you are never alone because being diagnosed with cancer will introduce you to a whole new family of survivors and fighters that are always by your side. I am always looking to reach back and help a brother.

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