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Christopher J

I made up a multitude of excuses to myself to put off getting my "irregularity" seen by a doctor.



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Surgery (Orchiectomy), Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy)
Christopher J's Story

Just days before my 23rd birthday, I received the results of a testicular ultrasound that I had been putting off getting for months. I made up a multitude of excuses to myself in order to put off getting my "irregularity" seen by a doctor.

I was diagnosed with an extremely large testicular tumour, which I soon learned was cancerous and had spread to my lymph nodes. The following weeks consisted of a surgery, many blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, and days in the hospital. I learned I would have to make the decision to receive either chemotherapy or radiation treatment for the cancer cells that had spread to my lymph nodes.

Ultimately, I decided on radiation treatment and spent the month of October 2020 travelling to the hospital every weekday, during the height of the Covid pandemic, for my treatment. In January of 2021, I learned the radiation had completely eliminated the cancer. As difficult as the experience was, I have tried my hardest to make the absolute best of the circumstances. I was able to share my story and raise over $20,000 for Princess Margaret Cancer Center, as well as appear on the morning news to speak about the importance of going to get checked when something feels "off".

I also took the time to self-reflect on what I believed the most important things are in life, which completely changed my career trajectory (most definitely for the better). I was fortunate enough to receive incredible support from family, friends, and my doctors/therapists throughout my journey, and I hope to pass that support forward in any way I'm able to.

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