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Lewis H

I was a fit, healthy 32 year old when I got my diagnosis.


New Zealand

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Surgery (Orchiectomy), Chemotherapy
Lewis H's Story

I was a fit, healthy 32 year old when I got my diagnosis. I missed the call from my doctor and as soon as I listened to his voicemail, I knew from the concern and seriousness in his voice that it was not good news and I had testicular cancer.

I had a million questions flood into my head all at once and all I wanted to do was speak to someone who could help me understand what I was about to go through and answer my questions.

I was amazingly lucky to have a supportive partner, friends, and excellent treatment from the healthcare system in New Zealand. Even still, it was not quite the same as speaking to someone who had been through it through first hand.

A year on and I’m about to complete my first marathon in aid of Movember, feeling fitter and healthier than I did pre-diagnosis.

I hope by being a guide I can help reassure other men and support them through their journey by listening to them and sharing my story.

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