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Phil B



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Surgery (Orchiectomy), Chemotherapy, RPLND
Phil B's Story

I was 27 at the time and felt my right testicle was enlarged compared to my left. I had just recently completed a marathon and thought it was just a cyst/swelling following my run – I felt no other pain or symptoms. When the swelling did not subside after a couple of weeks I went to the doctor to get it checked out – given I felt fit and healthy (I had run a marathon 6 weeks prior) a cancer diagnosis was the furthest thing from my mind. The subsequent tests and specialist appointment revealed that I had a cancerous tumor in my right testicle – I was in complete shock. I was rushed in to do the orchiectomy procedure with subsequent ‘BEP’ chemotherapy commencing a week later. Following chemotherapy I had to undergo the RPLND procedure to cut the risks of recurrence.One year on I am happy to say that I am in complete remission and have resumed my life pre-diagnosis and am back fit and healthy. I will be undergoing my routine CT scans and blood tests to monitor for recurrence of the cancer for the next 4 years. I found being involved in the Movember movement invaluable in being able to chat to fellow guys around the globe on their own journeys in what can be a really tough period.

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