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Being in the rainbow family, I want to increase awareness in my community. My initial concerns were almost dismissed as '...maybe a cyst". The ultrasound scan confirmed testicular cancer.


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SayCo A's Story

My journey with TC began in late October 2022. I was helping my Church move locations and thought I pulled my groin. After a few weeks of ice and heating pad, I mentioned it to my spouse. Then came the crazy find at a dinner party when I went to the restroom and thought I felt something. I went on with dinner however, and it was only a few days later—in a steamy New York City shower—that I found the small lump. So glad I thought to check! I called home and made an appointment with my doctor.

The terrible feeling that something was wrong was almost dismissed when 2 doctors examined me and reported "feels like nothing, maybe a cyst." I was concerned, however, and requested more investigation. I am so glad I did—the ultrasound confirmed what was causing the groin pain, and the next morning a Urologist called with the bad news that I had testicular cancer.

The morning of surgery was like a movie to me. I have never been ill or in a hospital before. I checked in, got a room, put on the hospital gown and an intravenous line (IV) was inserted in my arm. I lay there thinking “How is this my life? I'm only 48”.

In less than an hour I was back home in bed wearing the tightest medical jockstrap. I’m not going to lie—the first three days were hell. I’ve never had surgery before, and I don't do well with pain. A lot of rest followed, and the day did come when I could get out of bed more easily. Time does heal, trust me.

Good news—my medical team reported no sign of spread! They believe that this was caught early and scheduled me for surveillance scans every four months for the two years following surgery. I had my first four-month scan in March 2023 and all is clear!

Now time to snap out of this pity party and try to give back. I'm very optimistic. My next scans are in August 2023. I think the best thing I can do locally in my small town is just share my experience with testicular cancer with family and friends. I am part of the rainbow family and I especially want to spread the knowledge here. We know awareness is key!

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