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Tim R

I was a fit, healthy 32 year old firefighter when I found out I had cancer.



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Tim R's Story

I was a fit, healthy 32 year old firefighter when I found out I had cancer. I went in for a check up as I was having some discomfort. The initial exam from my doctor did not reveal anything and I thought it was all in my head. An ultrasound was booked just in case for a couple months later. I went in for the scan on a Friday thinking it was nothing. I almost didn't go.

Thankfully I did, as I was in surgery to remove my right testicle 3 days later. The scan showed a tumor on my right testicle and it was to be removed — no questions asked. I was lucky I found it early and remain under surveillance protocols, but so far have not needed any other treatment.

I was back to work a couple of months later and my life has been normal ever since, besides regular bloodwork and CT scans.

I reached out to a guy I went to high school with, who I knew had testicular cancer as well, when I was diagnosed. Having someone who went through it to talk to helped me greatly during the initial weeks. I would like to be that person for whoever needs it now.

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